Today we release "underneath the waves" – and it takes you under water. The song was written as an unplugged swing ballade and rearranged to this genrebreaking, relaxing ambient pop track.

It describes the feeling of floating and slowly sinking in perfect calm and silence. It can be heard as a metaphor for drowning in work or strong emotions - and cutting them off through awareness.

Don't miss the slightly psychodelic musicvideo. Thanks for sharing!


We're happy to announce the release of two tracks: "part of the plan" features the rapper Sky189. "turn me on" is a danceable, hypnotic electro pop track – it comes with an abstract musicvideo, released march 31 on youtube.
Time for a little joy of repetition!


We created a wild and trashy videoclip for the b-side-track "it's up to you" of our last release "about time" – we're happy that both releases gained airplay on local swiss radio stations.

Enjoy watching the clip and stay tuned for our next release coming march 17th, featuring the rapper Sky189.



song cover for Under Your Spell (paused) song cover for Under Your Spell (playing)

under your spell

song cover for A Burning Heart (paused) song cover for A Burning Heart (playing)

a burning heart

song cover for About Time (paused) song cover for About Time (playing)

about time

feat. Mariel Zambellis

song cover for It's Up To You (paused) song cover for It's Up To You (playing)

it's up to you

song cover for Part Of The Plan (paused) song cover for Part Of The Plan (playing)

part of the plan

feat. Sky189

song cover for Turn Me On (paused) song cover for Turn Me On (playing)

turn me on

song cover for Underneath The Waves (paused) song cover for Underneath The Waves (playing)

underneath the waves

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Phyne creates exciting, atmospheric, cinematic soundscapes that tell stories without becoming intrusive. Phyne walks a fine line between ambient and dancefloor, pop song and soundtrack.

Under the name Phyne, Swiss producer duo Christoph Biastoch and Sascha Tittmann have been combining electronic music with experimental, cross-genre songwriting since 2020. The tracks are created in a constant dialogue. The high sonic independence as well as transparency and precision of the electronic processing stand in the foreground.Tittmann's vocal interludes vary between head voice and whispered bass voice and are staged naturally as well as with autotuning and vocoding.


Christoph Biastoch (1981)
is a qualified audio engineer who made a profession out of his passion. He worked for several years in the theater world, then as a sound engineer for a world-renowned audio company. In this capacity, he oversaw sound control rooms in broadcast and concert halls all around the globe. Biastoch has a considerable arsenal of synthesizers and audio equipment at his disposal, which he uses in the studio.

Sascha Tittmann (1974)
former frontman, guitarist and songwriter of the Swiss post-punk band project "Herr Bitter". He has the experience of over 130 gigs in venues and open-air stages in Switzerland under his belt.Tittmann studied visual communication at the School of Design in St.Gallen and Warsaw. His cultural work has received national and international awards.

With "Phyne - The Highest High" the producer duo Biastoch/Tittmann realizes their debut album, which builds on a long lasting phase of refining their independent sound worlds and musical ideas.

The Phyne boys, standing in the woods, Christoph on the left-, Sascha on the right side. Christoph looks directly into the camera, while Sascha has his head turned left, looking to Christoph

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All songs are exclusively written, composed, arranged, played, recorded, mixed and produced by Phyne, ©2022

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  • additional musicians: Mariel Zambellis, Sky189, Alain Pasquier
  • mastering: Alan Silverman
  • photography (band): Ladina Bischof
  • design: Büro Sequenz
  • programming: Jonas Furrer