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Our brand new hypnotic electro-indie fusion roller "the lowest low" and its calming b-side "sweet sin" are finally out now. Let this gently rising wave carry you away. Find more insights on instagram.


Out now: the two catchy and upbeat electro pop tracks "the breaking waves of love" and "keep the light" help us to make this summer last a little longer. For visuals and background stories follow uns on instagram.


We created a very simple yet atmospheric visualizer for the fragile b-side of "the highest high". It's the kind of track you'd find something new in upon each listen. Enjoy.


Thrilled to announce the release of "keep it on" – a post rock song with soft but very rhythmic vocals and a quite catchy chorus. It's about getting rid of negative influences from your life and comes with an upbeat b-side named "crossing that line". Check out the background stories and visualizers on instagram.


Out now: "who's the moon" is a deeply genre breaking, cinematic and mysterious track. It comes in a three-four time beat and combines the essence of new wave and neo soul: A perfect soundtrack for a late night stroll.

Once again the smooth and soulful voice of Mariel Zambellis is the heart of the song. The videoclip was shot on a thundery midsummer night. We hope you enjoy it.


Today we release "underneath the waves" – and it takes you under water. The song was written as an unplugged swing ballade and rearranged to this genrebreaking, relaxing ambient pop track.

It describes the feeling of floating and slowly sinking in perfect calm and silence. It can be heard as a metaphor for drowning in work or strong emotions - and cutting them off through awareness.

Don't miss the slightly psychodelic musicvideo. Thanks for sharing!


We're happy to announce the release of two tracks: "part of the plan" features the rapper Sky189. "turn me on" is a danceable, hypnotic electro pop track – it comes with an abstract musicvideo, released march 31 on youtube.
Time for a little joy of repetition!


We created a wild and trashy videoclip for the b-side-track "it's up to you" of our last release "about time" – we're happy that both releases gained airplay on local swiss radio stations.

Enjoy watching the clip and stay tuned for our next release coming march 17th, featuring the rapper Sky189.


The melancholic but danceable electro pop duet "about time" is out now. It's featuring the soft and soulful voice of Mariel Zambellis. The B-side "it's up to you" is a bouncy, kind of funny beat track. Both come with roughly animated video clips featured on youtube. Let's embrace serenity – and follow your guts.


The songs "under your spell" and "a burning heart" are now available on all platforms. An experimental video clip for "a burning heart" is additional featured on youtube. Check it out!
We're exited about your opinions - please leave your comments on instagram and youtube.


We're very thrilled to announce our first single-release for the 20.01.2023. The release contains the tracks "under your spell" and "a burning heart" – both worth a single.
Starting with these songs, we release new tracks monthly. We're flattered if you follow us on your favorite platforms.