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The melancholic but danceable electro pop duet "about time" is out now. It's featuring the soft and soulful voice of Mariel Zambellis. The B-side "it's up to you" is a bouncy, kind of funny beat track. Both come with roughly animated video clips featured on youtube. Let's embrace serenity – and follow your guts.


The songs "under your spell" and "a burning heart" are now available on all platforms. An experimental video clip for "a burning heart" is additional featured on youtube. Check it out!
We're exited about your opinions - please leave your comments on instagram and youtube.


We're very thrilled to announce our first single-release for the 20.01.2023. The release contains the tracks "under your spell" and "a burning heart" – both worth a single.
Starting with these songs, we release new tracks monthly. We're flattered if you follow us on your favorite platforms.